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If you are looking for a guru...who talks about how wonderful he is, you've come to the wrong place. That should make you happy, because you want to satisfy your needs first, and not feed an ego.

Salespeople need a teacher, not another guru. Salespeople should be servants first. And by truly serving, they will in-turn get what they want. That said, if you want to know the voice behind this blog, read on.

Chad Rose is Executive Vice President/Content Marketing Sales for McMurry, one of the nation’s top content marketing companies. You will find him listed in the masthead of The Ritz Carlton Magazine, Amtrak Arrive and CBS Watch among other magazines. He was also the voice behind HealthEdge and MarketingEdge; magazines that reached healthcare and corporate marketers with a controlled circulation of over 10,000 readers.

What do you do with a BA in Creative Writing? Go into media of course! Chad started his career in media as an unpaid intern at the Fox affiliate in Tampa, Florida. After stints as video tape editor and news producer, he cut his teeth in sales pedaling packaged health news stories to local news directors across the country.

That first sales gig was nearly 15 years ago. Now Chad personally consults on marketing strategies with health systems and fortune 500 companies across the United States and Canada including such well known names as UPS, Thompson Reuters, ULTA, PF Changs and Johns Hopkins Medical Center. For the past five years he has been responsible for the largest sales team at McMurry, Inc. (

With a thirst for knowledge, Chad earned his MBA from Arizona State University in 2003. Today you will find him researching psychology that applies to sales in his never ending quest to improve the performance of himself and his team. He also enjoys learning about history, especially the Civil War. In the time between his career and those pursuits, Chad has written two novels and a soon-to-be-published sales book entitled "You Sell Like a Second Grader: Grade School Lessons to Help You Sell More."

An Ironman triathlete, in a typical week Chad bikes 100 miles, runs 25 and swims at least five to train for his next race – it’s great to get the creative juices flowing. He still rocks out as the lead singer of The Toads ( and sneaks skulls into his outfits whenever possible. Beyond those creative outlets, Chad is also a certified Toastmaster and natural public speaker.