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Really great article!

You Sell Like a Second Grader

Thanks so much, man! I appreciate you reading it.

Cara Barnes

I was a saleswoman at our local Chevy dealership and the Manager used to pull me out to the lot and role-play like he was a customer and would make me practice the script over and over. It was awful!! I hated using and almost never did but did occassionally found it coming up and working. But 99.8% of the time it was totally useless. Great article! Wish this would be put in the Sales Manager's handbook!

You Sell Like a Second Grader

Yeah, that is a clueless sales manager. Rather than teach you applicable skills, he thinks making you memorize will work. It really doesn't. Research proves it! My book is just about done and there's a chapter all about this. If you would like a copy just email me your address at [email protected]

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